Quite a long time ago I decided I wanted to have a podcast where I could talk to other artists about their journey, discuss the theater and film scene and everything in between. I'm not interested in fame, I'm interested in the raw art, in the passion that no matter what connects all artists, in the emotions that we still all feel every time we are blessed enough to be able to create something.

This is what I wanted to bring with this podcast.
When my dear friend and outstanding actor, Tom Burka, accepted my offer to join me in this adventure, I knew it was time to sail...

We will take you with us where the dreams are made and passion fuels life...we'll go in a dusty theater after the curtain has come down, in a dressing room with some half eaten donuts and fresh roses where you can feel your heart filled with that final applause...or on a film set right after we hear "it's a wrap" and the crew gets to sit down for a second with a beer and that feel in your bones that you just made something that will last forever...or on a tv set permeated with madness right before going live, when you know there's no turning back...

This is for the mad ones, the ones with a dream...

So get comfy, grab a beer or a jack&coke, some chocolate chip cookies or popcorn...and enjoy the show...


Maria Riboli


Maria Riboli is an actress, director and an undercover superhero in the heart of NYC. She’s also been teaching acting for over 15 years. She’s a professional Netflix binge watcher, a food maker and eater and the perfect crazy cat lady thanks to her boy JackTheCat. Be sure to catch her on Broadway, usually crossing 42nd street on her way to Dean&Deluca for a green tea.You can cyber stalk her on FB, Instagram, Twitter and Periscope. www.mariariboli.com

Tom Burka


Tom Burka is an actor, voiceover artist, audiobooks narrator and humorist. He is the rare man who combines a fierce intelligence with a complete misunderstanding of the world, the result of more than 20 long years of marriage. Now a bachelor, he lives in New York with his dog, Rascal, his daughter, who shall remain nameless, and a priceless collection of miniature bees.You can follow him on Twitter and Facebook, but you can’t be his friend. Unless you send him money. Or brownies.

Ricky DjTechnoid Reed

DJ/Music Composer

I grew up Disney. Raised in Southern California, we went to Disneyland all the time. When I was about 11, my family moved to Georgia, and I was drawing a lot at the time to keep myself busy, then shortly after that Walt Disney World opened, and I was saved! Been going there ever since. I became a DJ in 1978, and always wanted to make my own music, especially geared around Disney somehow. Technology finally caught up with my dreams, and now I love making whimsical mixes around all the things that I love. That's me in a nutshell... a Disney Fool with a computer! Ricky DjTechnoid Reed

Cara Ray

Graphic Designer

Cara Ray, a Pennsylvania native, is currently an actor in training with Maria Riboli Acting Studio in New York City. She graduated with a degree in Communication Design from Kutztown University and has worked for DMA United, Crayola, and MCS Industries as a freelance graphic designer. Cara's artistic interests include dance, violin, and theatre.Cara is currently enjoying all aspects of her "adopted" home, NYC. www.cararay.com