Episode #26 “Lauren O’Brien”

This week we have the pleasure to talk with fierce punk cabaret artist Lauren O’Brien!


Lauren went from being and actress to lyricist for the rock band PAO (featuring Janice Robinson and Emmy winner Fred Shehadi); from fronting a band in the vein of Patti Smith to writing and performing acoustic rock.


We talk about everything from her music and what inspires her, to her passion for Buddhism and living in NYC.


You can find all infos about Lauren on her website

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For our Tv Dinner Talk I’m talking about the latest Netflix hit “The Get Down“.


I also had the pleasure to see “Fuerza Bruta” before it’s final show here in NY and so this week we have Carmela’s Theater Bar Talk.



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Now grab your popcorn, sit back, relax…and enjoy the show!






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