Episode #25 “Christopher Birk”

This week we are joined by a dear friend of mine, actor, director, writer, producer (yup pretty impressive uh?) Christopher Birk!


His latest project is a documentary called “DRAGGED” where he follows a group of drag queens at different stages of their lives and careers.


The documentary features Maddelynn Hatter, Jada Valenciaga and Chaka Khanvict and their lives. Every week the three queens have their weekly show “Real Deal Wednesdays” at the Ritz Bar & Lounge in New York City.


This film is not just a look at their lives but an exploration of what New York is to queens today as well as in the past, we meet the drag queen that was there when it was illegal, the one who left it all when it became too much as well as one who achieved fame from RuPaul’s Drag Race. Drag queens are political too and in this film we cover Sister Roma’s fight against Facebook and the fight for a new location for the New York bar Boots & Saddles.

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And for our Popcorn Movie Talk this week I give you my review of “Sausage Party”

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